Discovering Purpose in Passion: The Journey of Yasmine Nassar and Mideast Outfitters

Born in the vibrant city of Valencia, Spain, to a Syrian-Lebanese family, Yasmine Nassar was destined for an international perspective. Today, she calls Florida her home, a place she has resided in most of her life. In 2015, fuelled by an inherited instinct for commerce, she pursued her Master of Business Administration at Florida International University. Nassar knew early on that she was interested in business, a path that differed significantly from her sisters who were drawn to medicine.

From Business School to Graphic Design: The Evolution of Nassar’s Skill Set

Before Mideast Outfitters, her successful brand today, Nassar held an executive assistant’s position. There, she found herself venturing into the world of graphic design, a skill that she had the aptitude for and thoroughly enjoyed. Nassar had always been passionate about art and creation but had never experienced creating digitally until she found herself captivated by graphic design. This passion would play a key role in setting the foundation of Mideast Outfitters.

After resigning from her executive assistant’s role to pursue other opportunities, Nassar took a crucial leap of faith. With Ramadan 2023 drawing near, she and a friend were inspired to design and sell Ramadan and Eid themed apparel. That’s how Mideast Outfitters, initially titled All Things Ramadan, was born, just in time for the holy period.

Mideast Outfitters: Bridging Cultures through Seasonal Origins to Year-Round Appeal

While their business started out seasonally, tied to the holy month, their customer base demanded more. They appreciated the brand’s designs inspired by Middle Eastern and South Asian culture and wanted non-seasonal products. Recognizing this demand, All Things Ramadan was rebranded to Mideast Outfitters, and now offers a variety of culturally inspired designs all year round.

Palestine has been a significant influence in Nassar’s life, with her closest friends growing up being Palestinians. This kinship she felt towards Palestine and its people inspired her to design eclectic apparel for them. Notably, her love for Palestine goes beyond just creating innovative designs.

Beyond Fashion: Nassar’s Philanthropic Mission and Community Support

As Palestine grappled with a crisis in recent months, Nassar couldn’t sit back idle. Determined to help, she committed in October to donate 50% of the profits from all sales to PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) and other trusted organizations. Thanks to the community’s support, Mideast Outfitters has raised thousands of dollars, no small feat for a relatively new brand. For Nassar, the convergence of her passion and entrepreneurship has blessed her with a fulfilling opportunity—owning a business that gives back to the community.

As Mideast Outfitters approaches its first anniversary in February, Nassar remains optimistic and enthusiastic about the company’s future. The journey of Mideast Outfitters highlights how Nassar’s unwavering passion for art and culture, compassionate heart, and business acumen have joined forces to form a venture that serves a greater purpose than profitability. It assures people that their purchases support a worthy cause, fostering a sense of community and unity.

Everyone can take a leaf from Nassar’s book, a testament that it is possible to transform passion into a successful business venture, one that can also powerfully contribute to society. No doubt, the journey of Mideast Outfitters is only just beginning, with many more chapters to be written.

To learn more about Mideast Outfitters, follow them on Instagram at @mideastoutfitters or visit their website

Beena Yusuf
Editor in Chief



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