The Grand Unveiling: Beauty Lab’s Luxe Launch Party Sets a New Standard in Houston’s Beauty Scene

Beauty Lab’s Grand Opening: A Celebration of Elegance and Innovation

In the heart of Houston, where beauty and innovation intersect, the grand opening of Beauty Lab’s new location at 333 West Loop North Service Road #220 was a spectacular event. Spearheaded by the dynamic sister-in-law duo, Brittany and Pame DeOrbegoso, this milestone marks their continued journey as pioneers in the beauty industry. With an unwavering commitment to helping individuals discover their most radiant selves, the DeOrbegoso’s have once again raised the bar with their latest venture.

A High-Profile Affair

The launch party was a high-profile affair, capturing the essence of elegance and exclusivity. Hosting some of Houston’s elite, including influencers, beauty aficionados, and esteemed guests, the event underscored Beauty Lab’s revered status in the city. The ambiance was electrified by sounds from the famous DJ of Toca Madera, Houston’s hottest restaurant, setting an upbeat tone for the evening. Culinary delights provided by Postino offered light bites that complemented the sophisticated atmosphere.

A Significant Upgrade

Beauty Lab’s new location is a significant upgrade from its predecessor. Previously nestled in the heart of River Oaks, it has always been a haven for those seeking solace and rejuvenation amidst their busy lives. However, with this swanky new address comes an enhanced experience promising even more luxury and comfort for its clientele. The space has doubled in size, reflecting the expansion of services and the new identity of Beauty Lab Wellness.

Passion for Skincare and Wellness

The DeOrbegoso sisters are self-confessed “beauty junkies” whose passion for skincare is evident in every aspect of Beauty Lab. This premier medical spa has now evolved into a wellness center, encompassing a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. Beauty Lab Wellness is more than just a place for treatments; it’s a sanctuary where clients embark on a journey towards discovering their most beautiful and healthy selves. The expert team at Beauty Lab goes above and beyond to ensure each visit is tailored to meet individual needs, starting with a comprehensive consultation to understand clients’ medical history and skincare preferences.

Extensive Facial Menu and New Wellness Offerings

Beauty Lab Wellness offers an extensive facial menu catering to both women and men. With a diverse array of facials including acne treatments, firming therapies, microneedling, and the much-loved dermaplaning facial which deep cleanses, exfoliates, and removes peach fuzz for smooth, radiant skin. Beyond facial treatments, the expanded services now include IV therapy, red light sauna, cold plunge, and lymphatic massages, offering clients a comprehensive wellness experience.

Leadership and Consistency

Under the strategic leadership of Medical Director Dr. Joseph Varon, Beauty Lab Wellness ensures top-notch care across all its services. Consistency is key in any skincare regimen; regular sessions are encouraged to maintain optimal results, especially with transformative treatments like dermaplaning.

A Celebration of Rejuvenation

The launch party exemplified what Beauty Lab stands for – rejuvenation both inside and out. Their motto “rejuvenate yourself” underscores their mission to elevate every client’s beauty journey through personalized care and cutting-edge treatments. Beauty Lab Wellness’s approach to skincare transcends traditional methods; it embodies a holistic philosophy where achieving clear, dewy skin requires intentionality and effort—from regular skincare treatments to diligent sunscreen use.

A New Chapter in Beauty and Wellness

As Beauty Lab steps into this opulent new chapter, it’s clear that Brittany and Pame DeOrbegoso have not only created a space but cultivated a community bound by shared values of beauty inside and out. This is a testament to their innovative vision that continues to shape Houston’s beauty and wellness landscape.

For those eager to embark on their own path toward radiance or learn more about what makes Beauty Lab Wellness stand out among its peers, further details can be explored at or on Instagram @beautylab_houston for live updates and exclusive insights into achieving flawless skin.

Owners Pame DeOrbegoso (left) and Brittany DeOrbegoso (right)

An Invitation to Rejuvenation

In essence, Beauty Lab’s grand opening was more than just an introduction to a new location—it was an invitation into an elevated world of beauty and wellness that blends expertise with genuine passion, where every treatment is crafted with precision, ensuring patrons leave feeling rejuvenated and embodying their motto “Rejuvenate Yourself.”

Rejuvenate Yourself

Owners Brittany DeOrbegoso and Pame DeOrbegoso

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