Dria: A Multi-dimensional Entrepreneur Harnessing Creativity, Innovation, and Social Advocacy for Global Impact

House of A.C.E.S., a groundbreaking creative production agency and hospitality group, 2 A City Near You, a popular travel platform, and the TV series The Debut Live and BALLTLKS; these are just a few of the success stories associated with an exceptional entrepreneur named Dria. Far from being just a successful businesswoman, Dria has established her influence across multiple domains as a music executive, Executive Producer, travel/beauty content creator, and a staunch advocate for social justice.

Creative Visionary: Dria’s Impact as an Executive Producer and Content Creator

Dria’s diverse expertise as a business professional and Latina entrepreneur is illustrated in her numerous successful ventures. Notably, as a votary of the arts, Dria is a voting member of The Recording Academy and plays a significant role in shaping the future soundscapes of global music. Through innovative brand and marketing strategies, she lends her expertise to artists, helping them expand their sound across the world.

She spearheads House of A.C.E.S. (Artistry, Culture, Entertainment Sports), a creative production agency focused on offering unique and innovative solutions for various artistic ventures. Being a passionate globetrotter, Dria cleverly capitalized on her love for travel by creating the brand 2 A City Near You, a dynamic travel platform.

In a world that thrives on visuals, Dria’s keen eye for aesthetics led her to become the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of The Debut Live and BALLTLKS series, luring audiences with engaging content. By leveraging her profound understanding of various creative fields, Dria has successfully etched her name in the competitive domain of TV/Film production.

Advocacy Beyond Business: Dria’s Fight for Social Justice

Beyond her remarkable professional persona, Dria is also an active social justice advocate, fighting for issues that particularly affect Black and Brown communities. With a particular interest in correcting injustices carried out upon the wrongfully convicted, she takes on social inequality with the same passion that drives her business ventures.

Dria’s journey as a Latina entrepreneur is a story of tenacity and courage, highlighting the power of one woman’s determination to make a significant impact across different platforms, industries, and communities. From bringing fresh perspectives to the music industry, curating excellent travel content, telling engaging stories through films, and advocating for social justice, Dria seamlessly integrates her multiplicity of roles.

Dria’s mission extends beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors. Being a global ambassador and an editorial model, she uses her platform to highlight Black and Brown brands and campaigns. It is a striking example of how a successful entrepreneur chooses not just to flourish alone but uplifts marginalized communities along the way.

Bicoastal Powerhouse: Dria’s Dynamic Presence in Las Vegas and New York

Currently, Dria is bi-coastal, splitting her time between the vibrant city of Las Vegas and the buzzing cityscape of New York, where she continues to play her multifaceted role as a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and advocacy.

In Dria’s own words, “My intuition is what fuels my grind, and my action is what fuels my success.” This statement is exemplary of Dria’s approach to business and life. Her intuition guides her decision-making, directing her to seize opportunities and make strategic moves. Her constant action, the hard work she puts into her ventures, fuels her unprecedented success.

From Global Ambassador to Editorial Model: Dria’s Influence on Marginalized Communities

With her beauty and brains, Dria masterfully crafts compelling narratives, telling stories that span cultures, industries, and issues. Whether she is assisting an artist in expanding their sound, curating travel experiences, producing enthralling TV series, or advocating for justice, Dria leverages her varied skills and experiences to drive social and business innovation.

By balancing her entrepreneurial drive with her artistic sensibilities and commitment to social justice, Dria offers a compelling example of how diverse interests can coalesce into a vibrant, meaningful career. Whether you are an inspiring artist, a passionate traveler, a TV/Film enthusiast, or someone passionate about social justice, there is much to learn from Dria’s multifaceted journey.

To further explore Dria’s world, visit www.thehouseofaces.com and follow her journey on Instagram at www.instagram.com/officialdriab/ As Dria continues to weave her story through her various roles and platforms, she stands out as a beacon of ambition, creativity, and advocacy, inspiring her audience to follow their intuition and take action towards their well-deserved success. 

Photo by: Darryl W.S

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