Thrifting like a BOSS During the Pandemic

Do you want to get out there and thrift shop? Are you afraid of the pandemic, but still have the curiosity to thrift shop? Do you wonder if it is even worth going thrift shopping? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I will give you some tips that might help you get back or start up the thrifting game like a boss during the pandemic.

First and foremost, get yourself ready to hit those thrift stores. Make sure you have a face covering, hand sanitizer, snacks in your purse (optional) and your cell with full charge so you can listen to music on your headset while you shop (it helps to get in a vibe and you are more yourself when choosing clothes). Then make sure you wear comfortable clothes; skinny yoga pants or leggings are the best to wear because you can try on pants on without needing a dressing room. Have our outfit all situated…. let’s go!

Make sure you have an idea of what items you want to find and what you will be pairing those items with. Get on your phone and google up fashion trends for Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021. Once you get an idea of what trends you might like to try to find at the thrift store make a list and be very specific. Remember not every trend is your friend, and you don’t always have to follow trends, you can always make your own trends.

Here is a list of the top trends for Fall/Winter 2020 and Spring 2021:


-Leather Coats

-80s Silhouettes


-Dramatic Sleeves




-Faux Fur


This is what I found when I thrifted last week. I found a faux fur coat, which is one of the top trends in the list I mentioned. I will be wearing that coat with a turtleneck underneath. Bringing me to the next two items I also thrifted, a black long sleeve turtleneck and a sleeveless khaki turtleneck. Just to hit on it really quick, turtlenecks are a staple piece to have for these two seasons. I will be cropping the black turtleneck to fit more my style. I found a pair of plaid, black and white pants. Those pants were an amazing find because plaid is trending, and they fit me amazingly. I also found a navy blue bucket hat that looks stunning with the coat and the khaki turtleneck. Lastly, I thrifted an amazing pair of sunglasses with a randy shape and a cross body shaped like a star made from yellow and gold beads.

In conclusion, IT IS WORTH IT! There are great selections out there and if you really search you can find amazing treasures. I recommend helping the planet and go thrifting!

Lucy Sanchez @fashionably_thrifty

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