Rutvi Chauhan: Beyond the Crown – The Journey of Mrs. Universe USA

Rutvi Chauhan: Beyond the Crown – The Journey of Mrs. Universe USA
Rutvi Chauhan

Rutvi Chauhan, the recently crowned Mrs. Universe USA 2024, is so much more than a titleholder. With an awe-inspiring journey that blends the worlds of fashion, fitness, acting, public service, and health, Chauhan exemplifies the true essence of a modern woman. Her remarkable journey reached its peak on November 11, 2023, in Seattle, Washington, as she was crowned Mrs. Universe USA in the event organized by MydreamTV USA, co-founded by Rashmi Bedi and Janak Bedi.

Working Her Way to the Top

Chauhan’s story has unique layers, reflecting her multi-faceted personality and talents. A successful model for more than five years, she had the privilege of strutting down the runway for eminent Hollywood and Bollywood designers such as Anita Dongre, Tarun Tahiliani, Neeta Lulla, and Chloe Dao. The apex of her modeling career so far has been being featured in sought-after publications such as New York Fashion Magazine, SHE Magazine USA, and Luxcior, a dream that many aspire to achieve.

Photo by: Nhia Innova

Beyond Modeling

Yet, Chauhan doesn’t stop at just modeling. She extends her creative prowess to the field of acting, dazzling as the lead in a flurry of songs and short films. Her passion for dance has also seen her clinch many dance shows and talent shows in the past.

Behind this successful model and artist is a full-time physical therapist, a dedicated mother of two and a loving wife. She embodies the perfect picture of balance, keeping her passion and profession at equal priority. Her dedication to her family is as unwavering as her commitment to her patients. In the wake of welcoming her second child, Chauhan embarked on a fitness journey that has since inspired millions of mothers around the globe.

Photo by: Kreative Lens

Ignite the Cycle with Goodness

Chauhan’s zeal to give back to her community is palpable. She has made a considerable difference through conducting free health seminars, exercise classes for senior citizens, and laughter clubs to promote communal wellness. She consistently supports underprivileged children’s educations through the charity, HC4A.

Her invention, ‘Yog Garba,’ a challenging-yet-enjoyable blend of Gujarati folk dance and exercises, garnered her spontaneous recognition in national and international newspapers. She crafted a fun route into wellbeing with the innovative program, which has been widely celebrated by her facility patients.

Bound by a steadfast humanitarian commitment, Chauhan joined the race for Mrs. Universe USA in 2023 with a noble cause close to her heart. She aimed to stand strong against domestic violence and discrimination, striving to build a better world. This childhood dream materialized with her hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of her goals, culminating in her winning the title.

Following this immense victory, Chauhan is on her way to South Korea in October 2024. She gears up to compete for the much-anticipated title of Mrs. Universe, carrying with her the love, support, and best wishes of her family, friends, and well-wishers worldwide.

Does Not Stop Here

Reflecting on Chauhan’s journey so far, it is evident it is not just about being at the top. It’s about rising above adversity, balancing different roles and responsibilities, and focusing on holistic development. A physical therapist by profession, a performer at heart, an ardent community worker, an inspired mother, and a beacon for many women, Chauhan exemplifies grace, resilience, and perseverance.

As she moves ahead, ready to conquer the Universe, Rutvi Chauhan radiates a powerful message of diversity, inclusivity, and fearless pursuit of a dream. Her inspiring journey is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within each one of us to transcend boundaries, break stereotypes, and rewrite our stories. 

Rutvi Chauhan, Mrs Universe USA 2024, is not just a title holder. She is every woman who dares to dream, persist, achieve, and inspire – she is truly a universal woman. Follow her journey on Instagram @rutvi_mrsuniverseusa.

Beena Yusuf
Editor in Chief



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