The Empowered Woman: Decoding the True Meaning of Empowerment. Is The Term Dead?

In recent years, the movement for gender equality has garnered considerable attention across the globe. One term that has become particularly prominent in these discussions is “women empowerment.” Now, one might argue, this term is so widely used that it has become almost hackneyed, losing its inherent meaning — an almost ubiquitous mantra for any initiative directed towards women.

Gender Equality Movement: Unveiling the “Women Empowerment” Dilemma

But do we actually understand what women empowerment truly stands for? Is it about someone stronger and better, benevolently bestowing power upon someone weaker and lesser? Or perhaps, is it something more profound and intrinsic?

She Magazine USA presents an alternative perspective — women empowerment, to a large extent, has been misconstrued. The underlying notion encapsulated in the term is problematic because it insinuates that power is a commodity that someone else can give or bestow. However, what’s important to note is that empowerment isn’t about the reception, it’s about the recognition. Women already possess the power within themselves. Forget empowering—what they truly need is inspiration.

The Problem with Perceptions: Debunking Misconceptions of Empowerment

A unique angle to view this concept is that women, intrinsically, are already powerful beings. They have the power to create, nurture, and transform. Their intellectual potential, emotional strength, and instinctual acumen are inherent traits that even modern sciences have acknowledged and celebrated. 

Thus, the very concept of empowerment, as it is currently comprehended, could be deemed inadequate. It seems to portray women as passive recipients of power, rather than as active agents who have the capacity to exert their power, influence, and capabilities. As such, it subtly reinforces the patriarchal ideology that women lack power and need to be empowered.

Indeed, the struggle for women’s rights has been about claiming spaces and asserting their power in a world that’s been systemically contradictory. Yet, today’s movement for women’s rights should not be mistaken as a power distribution system. It’s about inspiring, not empowering — reminding women about their inherent power and encouraging them to exert it in every aspect of their lives.

Intrinsic Power: Redefining Women as Active Agents, Not Passive Recipients

Instead of seeking someone else’s validation or approval, women must be inspired to recognize, own, and use their power fearlessly. This is the true spirit of women empowerment. Proactive undertakings like education, awareness campaigns, and advocating equal rights are crucial practices that inspire women to claim their power and reinforce their belief in their potential.

And inspiration can be found everywhere. From everyday women who break barriers despite facing adversities, to prominent figures who use their platforms to advocate for gender parity. They embody the strength, determination, and resilience women possess and serve as beacons of inspiration for others to follow.

We invite you to reconsider the concept of women empowerment and to see it through the lens of inspiration. Power isn’t attained, it’s recognized. It’s not something to be given, it’s inherent. And as far as empowerment goes, no one needs to give it to us. We, as women, already own it.

Inspiration vs. Empowerment: Shifting the Paradigm for Women’s Rights

So let’s shift the narrative. Let’s draw inspiration from the strong, brave, and resilient women we encounter every day. Let’s remind ourselves of the power we inherently possess. Let’s inspire ourselves, and one another, to use our power to make a difference, expand our horizons and break through ceilings. Through this, we will truly embody empowerment.

We, at She Magazine USA, believe that “True empowerment is self-realization. It’s not something that is given, but something that is found within.” 

The essence of women’s empowerment lies within these lines. The mission is no more about strengthening those perceived as weak, it is about inciting the innate strength within every woman.

The term women empowerment may seem overly used, and the concept may need a fresh narrative. But the spirit within each woman, the spirit of survival, fighting, loving, and achieving are alive and waiting to be inspired.

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Beena Yusuf
Editor in Chief

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