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Houston, Texas. SHE Magazine USA, under the stewardship of Beena Yusuf—its Editor-in-Chief and owner—has carved out a unique space in the realm of media and publications. Originally founded by Hearst in the 1960s and now flourishing in the United States with Yusuf at its helm, SHE Magazine stands as a beacon of empowerment, elegance, and editorial excellence. Known for its compelling storytelling, avant-garde fashion insights, and unwavering commitment to celebrating womanhood and humanitarianism in all its facets, SHE Magazine transcends typical publication standards to deliver content that inspires and resonates deeply with its audience.

In the heart of Houston’s bustling Galleria area, a significant event is set to unfold at the prestigious Off The Wall Gallery. Owned by Mimi, this upscale art gallery is renowned for its eclectic collection that spans rare modern masterpieces, vintage posters, and contemporary works from globally acclaimed artists. Since its establishment in 1978, the gallery has become a cultural landmark, hosting events that blend artistry with social impact. It is here that SHE Magazine USA has chosen to honor a group of individuals whose humanitarian efforts have made profound contributions to society.

At this year’s award ceremony held within Off The Wall Gallery’s inspiring confines, SHE Magazine USA aims to spotlight individuals whose altruistic endeavors align with the magazine’s ethos of empowerment and societal change. Among these distinguished honorees are Congressman Al Green, Jacquelyn Aluotto—President of No Trafficking Zone (NZT), Dorian Cockrell—Vice President of JP Morgan Chase, and philanthropist-entrepreneur Tanweer Ahmed.

Congressman Al Green has been a formidable force in advocating for human rights and social justice throughout his career. His dedication to humanitarian causes has not only influenced policy but also inspired many to take action against injustices plaguing society. In recognizing his unwavering commitment, SHE Magazine USA awards him the Humanitarian of the Year Award—a testament to his significant impact on both local communities and on a global scale.

SHE Magazine USA Award Recipient
Congressman Al Green
Photo by: NewsWeek

Houston’s struggle against human trafficking finds a staunch opponent in Jacquelyn Aluotto. As President of NZT No Trafficking Zone, Aluotto’s daily battles involve rescuing young lives from exploitation while raising awareness about this pervasive issue. Her tireless efforts are acknowledged as she receives the Advocate of the Year Award—an accolade well deserved for her relentless pursuit of justice for trafficking victims.

SHE Magazine USA Award Recipient
Jacquelyn Aluotto
Photo by: Real Beauty Real Women

The Community Impact Leader Award goes to Dorian Cockrell for his commendable work within his community through various initiatives supported by JP Morgan Chase. Cockrell’s role extends beyond corporate responsibilities; he actively engages in community development projects aimed at uplifting those around him—a reflection of his deep-rooted commitment to making tangible differences where they matter most.

SHE Magazine USA Award Recipient
Dorian Cockrell
Photo by: Asset Funders Network

Tanweer Ahmed’s philanthropy paints him as more than an entrepreneur; it underscores his humanity and compassion towards others’ sufferings. By generously donating resources towards life-saving interventions and support systems for those in dire need, Ahmed embodies what it means to be truly philanthropic. Receiving the Philanthropist of the Year Award from SHE Magazine USA highlights not only his financial contributions but also his role as a catalyst for positive change.

As these awardees gather amidst artworks symbolizing creativity and expression at Off The Wall Gallery, their recognition serves as a reminder of humanity’s capacity for kindness and generosity. SHE Magazine USA’s decision to honor such remarkable individuals reflects their own mission—to inspire action that fosters growth, equality, and understanding across communities.

Through stories woven around fashion and social trends or profiles highlighting extraordinary acts like those celebrated this weekend—the magazine continues to empower readers worldwide while championing causes that advance societal well being.

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Beena Yusuf
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