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I heard about float therapy once or twice, but I truly never investigated it, until recently. I had a 60-minute session at True Rest in Houston, and I found myself asking “why haven’t I tried this sooner?” Although float therapy is one of the latest raves, and I haven’t been on board with too many trends, this is one I felt compelled to try.

Before your session begins, you really need to know what steps must be taken before you begin. There is a 6-minute video that plays explaining the process, how you may feel, and so on. You are then given a tour of the facility, and any questions you may have can be answered. I had a ton because I suffer from anxiety and haven’t gotten myself adjusted by my chiropractor in a year, and well, I was also just nervous. 

After the tour, you are given your room, and there are but a few simple steps you must take. Firstly, you must insert your ear plugs, and wipe your face with a makeup remover wipe if applicable, then you must shower and wash your hair with body wash and shampoo. All items, including towels, conditioner, and petroleum jelly (for open wounds) are provided which is a plus. Wouldn’t be a spa if you’re not getting pampered. 

The room is a steady 97 degrees to match the water and our body temperature, but if necessary, you can keep the pod door ajar. I went all in. I turned my pod lights off, left the pod door completely closed, and didn’t even use the neck support. I wanted the full experience and, boy, did I get it. I was in such a state of relaxation that it didn’t take much time for me to reach deep sleep. I woke up twice because my body jerked, but when I woke up the second time, I felt very frightened, so I had to open the pod door. This is a very normal feeling for me when I nap so I know it was unrelated to the actual therapy. It’s very easy for your mind to race during this quiet time. The challenge here is to think about nothing. Other than that, the whole session was very relaxing. 

When the 60 minutes were up, I showered for the second time, applied the conditioner to my hair, dried up, and went to the oxygen bar where I felt incredibly relaxed. True Rest really knows how to spoil their clients because they offer tea and water to complete the experience. I felt the full effects of the therapy when I went to sleep for the night, and the following day. I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time and I was so refreshed all day. All in all, I highly recommend float therapy, especially if you have a very high-stress life. It will take a few sessions before you are able to feel 100% relaxed, but the key is to be patient with yourself, mind and body. Floating feels like you’re in a different place— a place you’ve never known before or forgot about. It gives the feeling of being completely lost to everything but loving every moment of it.

Video Credit: Subaika Faraz, @subaikabake

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