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It never occurred to anyone that one day, people would be forced to stay at home and work from home, become their own children’s teachers, or simply be home day and night with limited excursions to the store for necessities. It makes it a bit difficult for people to get motivated to dress up. I’m guilty of dressing up every day, but lately, being comfy has slowly but surely become one of my favorite things. Wearing loose-fitting clothes is my idea of comfy, and wearing just something that you can just throw on without overthinking it has been my casual. Here are a few comfy pieces I love right now.

Loose or stretchy pants. They are perfect. Flowy pants are also an amazing wardrobe piece, it can be worn either with a cropped graphic tee, or wearing the same oversized t-shirt but making a knot either on the front or the side. 

I am sure everyone owns an oversized graphic tee-shirt, which brings me to the next tip.  Wear an oversized tee with either leggings (if you get cold easily) or motorcycle shorts.  That will always be a casual/ comfy fit and it will seem very effortless with a cute pair of slip-on sandals or a pair of white tennis shoes, or if you want to be dressy because you just feel it, you can wear some platforms. 

Do not be fooled by thinking I wear those cool outfits I just mentioned above all the time.  I also like to wear sweat pants with oversized thrifted cropped tops.  Other times I like to wear straight up pajamas and call it a day. I hope you enjoy it! Walk in love, babes!

Lucy Sanchez (@fashionably_thrifty)

Fashion Blogger

SHE Magazine USA

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