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A Thank You Note to All Essential Workers, Everywhere

There is so much worry going around, globally, but in these difficult times, we should take the time to not just think of ourselves. We should take the time to think about essential workers everywhere that continue to go to work for the sake of humanity. Their job security isn’t guaranteed. They are exposed to the reality of possibly contracting COVID-19 every single day they clock in, yet, their bravery and hard work are saving lives.

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers. From doctors to nurses, to therapists, lab researchers, and pharmacists.

Thank you to all news and media staff. From journalists to meteorologists.

Thank you to all airline, mass transit, and security employees.

Thank you to all the food industry employees. From small restaurant owners to waiters, to agricultural workers, to supermarket staff, and delivery drivers.

Thank you to to all federal, government, state, city, and military employees. From sanitation, food inspection, mailmen, city councils, to the serviceman.

Thank you to all janitors, cleaners, and medical waste employees.

Thank you to all employees sustaining utilities and gas stations.

Thank you to all service employees sustaining daycares, mechanic shops, hardware stores, banks, insurance offices, warehouses, and animal shelters.

Thank you to all employees working remotely in accounting, finance, payroll, telecommunications, freelancers, and even online shops.

To all essential employees that are out there, SHE Magazine thanks you. Your sacrifice to your family and well being is appreciated and it does not go unnoticed to everyone that needs you. To all others, thank you for staying home.

Sylvina Bravo (@thesylvii)

Director of Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

SHE Magazine

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