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NYFW designer Anthony Rubio showcases his latest collection in San Antonio

Anthony Rubio’s vibrant collection showcased at the Paws for Fashion could easily be the most soigné couture collection the city of San Antonio has been given the privilege of experiencing. Mr. Rubio’s collection exuberated couture gowns for women and canines with ornate Latin flares, classic silhouettes, and glamourous details.  

Anthony Rubio was born and raised in New York, NY. His Puerto Rican ancestry plays a vital role in his artwork. Growing up in the most rebellious, yet most expressive periods in the history of fashion, helped both influence and mold him into the visionary and artist he is today. With a formal education in women’s wear design and twenty years of experience creating and innovating new concepts and techniques, Anthony Rubio felt no restrictions about delving into the world of pet fashions earning for himself the title of Master Pet Couturier. Anthony Rubio became the first pet fashion designer to showcase at New York’s Fashion Week in February of 2012. Mr. Rubio has been commissioned by Pepsi Cola Company, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, General Motors, and EMI Records among many others. 

His designs are strictly couture and are considered collectible art inspired by anything from movies to fairy tales and especially by the best women’s wear couturiers of Europe. His masterpieces are born from a sort of obsession to achieve perfection stemming from hours of sketching to innovating shapes and forms which are then meticulously executed and finished only when Mr. Rubio is completely satisfied with the final product. What he showcased for the Paws for Fashion show did not fall short. His attention to detail was evident during the procession. 

This was not a subtle show. The beads and sequins on the dresses wrapped and hugged the models and their equally avant-garde canine counterparts. Trains, tulle, brocade, and ruffles in cream, purple, grey, red and green was reminiscent to old Spanish and Mexican glamour. As if it were made for Lupe Velez, Marquita Rivera, or Maria Felix. Location is always important for shows as it helps create the atmosphere. In the case of this show, the location couldn’t have been more perfect. The sophistication of the Dominion Country Club in San Antonio only elevated his vision with its Spanish architecture and grandiose ambiance.  

Seeing gorgeous gowns on a runway always gives you a sort of excitement, but when you introduce canines into the scenario, then all the attention is then led to them. Cute aggression en masse. With someone who has a heart like Mr. Rubio’s, how can you not? His humanitarian efforts in championing animal adoption led him to be awarded by The Humane Society. Seeing the Master Pet Couturier’s work was a refreshing break from the normal fashion template. There is no doubt that Anthony Rubio is a master in the fashion industry altogether. 

Photography by Saba Hussain.

Sylvina Bravo
Fashion/Lifestyle Editor 

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