Haute Houston Fall/Winter 2019 Fashion Show

Winter Street Studios in Houston was the perfect venue. It’s industrial and artsy feel matched the vibe Haute Houston was encapsulating. Upon entering, there was a set of old, narrow, worn-down stairs that led up to the show. White chairs lined up on the concrete floors. It felt exclusive. A set of white curtains on the opposite side of the room led to a lineup of artsy vendors, from bakers to painters, to jewelry makers and t-shirt designers– there is no doubt time and effort was put into this show. It was a success. The music didn’t fall short either. Various songs from Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, SZA, and other artists filled the room to set the ultimate tone. 

The collection to open the show was LORR by Lorrell Gold, a minimal yet innovative aesthetic. It was anything but traditional. This urban collection was inspired by the idea of “Purge” and was completed with masks and vests, which was a take on a modern armor.  The grey, white, and pale pink color blocking was so sleek, and truly genius. If Lorrell Gold doesn’t make its way to New York, then London and Paris have a growing urban market that would gladly welcome these looks with open arms. 

The second collection was by Petra Stellam. It was edgy, daring, and bold. He worked tirelessly for months working to debut his very first collection ever. “We just sought out to make very fun yet creative looks that would get us to be acknowledged knowing this would be our very first show. So, we chose a color scheme and drew out several looks. Every single piece in the collection was cut and sewn together by hand, 100%.” Hours of effort and attention to detail made this collection a success. 

War, the third collection, was a take on modern, urban streetwear, with Western undertones. Oversized tees and puffer coats, leather bottoms, and bold boots brought a dramatic twist to fall/winter apparel.  

The fourth collection resembled old Hollywood glam. Revamped by the Stylist that Styles was inspired, simply by women and the look on others when a woman walks into an event. “I want women to feel like they own the night.” With all the bling, there is no doubt heads will turn. Blinged-out jumpsuits, dramatic skirts, fringe, and embroidered dresses literally had the crowd excited. Someone, please let Cardi know about this one! 

The fifth collection, by Kelli Mckinley, included form-fitting trousers, structured shorts, and nautical accessories.  

The sixth collection by Maestro Philippe was a show stopper. Tailored suits and tuxedos made to absolute perfection in various colors graced the runway. Aside from the amazing choice of fabrics, the stitching, steaming, and even the placement of sleeves was immaculate. “I’m all about craftsmanship and the quality of the garment. I cannot call myself the Maestro in menswear when I’m not putting out the quality of work.” Lapels, brooches, and cuff links were added to finish off each look.  

The seventh collection was brought by Ebonie Markie. It’s romantic yet modern looks were minimal and flirty. Bold ruffle accents and unconventional choice of colors brought a collection that needs to be worn on the runway.  

International designer Mikage Shin flew in from New York to showcase the eighth collection. “Mikage [was] eager to create a new genderless and ageless brand to empower today’s intelligent, self-made woman and individual, who lives in such a difficult time without any unreasonable limitation and stereotype.” Deconstructed and structured clothing gave this androgynous collection a one-of-a-kind look. You cannot and will not be able to find this anywhere unless you’re at Mikage’s atelier. Trench coats, leather, belts, fur, and chains brought a scene Houston has never seen before and would have to beg to come back. 

The last and final collection was created by designer and creative director of Haute Houston, Deshawn Taylor. London Black featured bumble bee printed silk, leaf printed brocade, red leather and sequins, and lots of black and gold. Tailored suit jackets and statement dresses made an appearance, giving elaborate options for the holiday season.  

The show ended on such an energetic note. A standing ovation by an overly pleased crowd was surely a reminder of something Houston needs more of; high class, creative minds.  

Sylvina Bravo
Fashion/Lifestyle Editor 

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