That Pink Wave

THE Thank You, Next era!!! It has come upon us, and I am shocked that it did not break the Internet!
Anyway, Miss Ariana Grande is on her A-game with hustling like a boss, so I figured we can apply some
style rules from this fab music video. Have to talk about that mauve, tho!!

To begin, the color that is seen everywhere about Thank You, Next is this girly, dusty pink color that may
have been a popular lipstick shade in the late 90s but is now super cool. Unleash your inner Regina
George with the color in dresses, cardigan, or even a baggy polo shirt. Plus, the mini skirts in the original
movie are what I see everywhere nowadays.

Now, SHE Magazine usually promotes beautifully elaborate gowns that scream Bollywood opulence.
However, in the marriage scene, Ari is wearing a pretty understated wedding dress with her bridesmaids
looking kind of 2000s already wearing dresses in that dusty color we chit-chatted earlier. Sometimes
being understated is the best option, and classy minimalism never fails especially for a wedding.

Lastly, my sole icon for living! Elle Woods! Need I say more with the Bend-and-Snap. But as far as styling
goes, she is a genius when it comes to accessorizing in placing emphasis on certain areas and not
everywhere. Plus, she exudes healthy confidence which is automatically attractive. I do wish they
thought more out of the box for styling but in the time dedicated to production I really can’t complain.


Colton French
SHE Magazine USA

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