When The Zipper Doesn’t Slide For The Holidays


Tis’ the holiday season, right?! Unless you’re at a family gathering and you do not want to be
embarrassing with bunches of bloat because you just bought a holiday dress that you thought would be
perfect for tearin’ it up when really, honey, it barely zips! Well, here are tips to make sure that you are
comfortable throughout all the indulgences!

As I have said before, knit is your BFF! It is a wonderful invention that should be utilized during this time
of year. This stretchy gadget can be used in pants, tops, outerwear, and dresses which can look stylish
but aren’t constricting. For outerwear like mentioned, I say use it, abuse it, wear it with the excuse of
the colder months. Be dramatic, and that can be the focus of your look instead of discomfort.

We are so lucky that athleisure, a trend so comfy, is still on the fashion circuit. This trend can absolutely
transcend for the holidays. Wear the sporty, oversize look, and try it with sequins for a festive spin. Your
Aunt Janet may not get your sense of style and tell you to have sense, but no one likes her anyway!

Then, if you are concerned about looking like a paper sack ready to be tossed into Santa’s sleigh, here
are your answers. Empire waist can also be a friend for the tummy area plus if you wanted to wear
midriff-bearing ensembles, then strive for showing only the top area of the abdomen above the
stomach. Trying not to be science-y, but hopefully this gives you more reasons to be thankful this year!

Colton French
SHE Magazine USA

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