Are Inclusive People Inclusive?

Gender has become such a diverse topic in this decade in where choice is EVERYWHERE for it!! This has significantly affected how women are perceived right now. The traditional sense of them being buxom and girly has been lessened more and more with this notion of it being too demeaning with the popular vote going to the non-binary approach for how you look.

Femininity as is celebrated throughout the years should not have to be dropped down from human existence entirely. I know there are some of you strong women who love to dress up in all-over sequins, full-on makeup, bouncy Pantene commercial hair, and pin-thin stilettos, and you ladies go for it. The only problem is not letting you be negatively stereotyped.

One of my role models in life (because of her being a fellow fashion merchandising major like me), Elle Woods, is a great example of how you can be feminine but stand for your opinion with bona fide intelligence. Those stuck-up law students made a huge mistake in not thinking she had potential to contradict popular assumptions just because she wore tons of pink and carried sweet little Bruiser!

People can be so focused with how someone looks and how they act. We need to understand that not everyone should be the same. That is what makes the world go round is having differing opinions and showcasing your own kind of style to strut out into the world. Wait to hear people talk then you could say they are terrible people!

Colton French

SHE Magazine USA Correspondent

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