Copy The Breakfast Club To Be Fashion Bloggers

This idea came up literally 4 hours ago ‘cause I saw major parallels with what fashion bloggers wear to
what people wore in the Breakfast Club! I’m not super farfetched. The setting is suburbia but very much
can be applicable here. I mean think of the varsity jackets, mom jeans, midi skirts, dusters, and parkas.
Judd Nelson was my favorite, but I’ll get to that in a minute.


The main guess I have for this correlation is fashion bloggers wanting to be all cute with being discreet
and grabbing influences that seem original. Oh well, I think it is fabulous because I love all the clothes
from that movie. Great message and clothes for an all-around show (even living for the janitor

Yes, those midi skirts of Claire and Allison’s are fashion staples. Plus I admire Brian’s minimalism goals!!
But Judd Nelson’s outfit in the beginning looking all suave, I die!!! That fabulous grey duster coat with
the red plaid and denim screams YES! Even though, red plaid and denim is usually J.C. Penny’s
handiwork, it works here. Then, with the glass and those gloves are the perfect touches.


The reason why these styles work so well is because of how exaggerated the character’s stereotypes
are. The costume designer probably used the roles as foundation points to make the character larger
than life even though the movie was all about life. Goes to show in exuding individualism to make a style
point. Otherwise, you’ll be forgotten. Don’t let them forget about you!
individualism to make a style point. Otherwise, you’ll be forgotten. Don’t let them forget about you!

Colton French
SHE Magazine USA

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