Fall Is Here, Now Put On Sweaters!

I was thinking one day and thinking, “It is actually cold now.” You know what this means sweater weather to match with bunches of camel and pumpkin spice (basic at heart!) For 2018, trends apply for going for the asymmetric touch. To me, this gives the most high fashion feel but also keeping warm for the cold. Incorporating this element gives the most basic outfit a touch of elegance.

Another factor in the style department is that sweaters are now chunky monkey. Go for ones that have a wide neck and tons of volume. This type can kind of be intimidating, but pair with tailored bottoms to let people know you are not a marshmallow (but you are delicious).

You thought the stripe trend that is everywhere doesn’t apply here. Think again! Stripes give off a Gucci feel and can even go for the rainbow vibe for the 70s approach. Then, people have been afraid of brown for years, but now it is here to stay with giving off a warm glow to your persona and style. Why people are afraid of this shade and saying it’s atrocious I don’t know since it oftentimes is flattering.

Colton French

SHE USA Correspondent

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