You Can Be A Broke College Student & Still Be Fashion Forward!

This is for all y’all who want to look cute for jobs but have trouble in cash ‘cause you partied hard at the club or in anything regarding coffee. No worries! Tips will be given as to how to combat financial struggles in looking professional.

Yes, the talk is essential, but employers always carry that first impression. (This coming from a vain-obsessed person like myself.)

If you’re a Chatty Kathy and have tons of close friends, try to borrow some of their clothes. I’m sure this could work from getting one piece there and one piece from another friend to create a functional outfit.

Plus get a friend who will tell you the truth if you look like a hot mess! The ultra-obvious can be thrift shopping. Also, looking outdated is in, so get those Working Girl blazers and Laura Ashley dresses.


On the touchy subject of makeup, do not take the Insta-model as being a role model. If you look at bougie business women, naturally pretty is pretty much the standard. Just fix up some spots and be good to go! (BTW: Fenty Beauty is not always the answer to your problems!)

Last is to sell old clothes you don’t wear and get ones that fit whether you lost weight or gained the typical Freshman 15 from awhile ago. (Everyone has bad clothing memories still left in their closets, so no exception!)


Colton French

SHE USA Correspondent 

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