Don’t Be A Gucci Brat


You know you’ve seen those 20-something whatevers in a Gucci t-shirt and red/green striped slides with some Starbucks Frappuccino that they’re not going to drink acting like an INSTA-model when really they are just like every other person on the internet void of actual real style.

Gucci has become the fashion industry’s dictator!!  From the double G and horsebit mules (that you can

honestly find in Target), the suffocation is endless. Yet, it carries a creative, inspiring identity at the

moment, but now it is being referenced to the entitled, nouveau riche ideals. This means the person has

money but uses it in the trashiest way possible.

If you want to have any real substance to your style instead of being incredibly shallow, reference to the

Grey Gardens spinsters for Vogue Italia chic. Don’t be scared of spinster life!! Marriage can be a total

waste of time anyways, RIGHT?! Be discreet, elegant, and confident.

If confidence is a problem,  fake it like Laura Lee’s apology, and it will come.


Colton French

SHE USA Correspondent 

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