If you’re a bride to be or someone close to the bride and have been thinking to wear nath, well, think no more! Here’s some nath-inspo for you that’ll make you want to wear the nath right this minute!

1. Deepika Padukone

You’d be lying if the last few films featuring Deepika with a nath didn’t tempt you to try one!

2. Mahira Khan

We don’t usually see her carrying naths, but when she does, SHE NAILS IT!

3. Sunita Marshal

Remember the days when we turned our clip-on earrings into naths after seeing Sunita Marshal effortlessly carry them naths?

4. Ayeza Khan

If one word could describe Ayeza Khan wearing a nath, that’d be regal! She even wore a nath to her own wedding!

5. Humaima Malik

We cannot stop adoring how stunning Humaima looks wearing a nath!

6. Sadaf Kanwal

Umm, can someone please call a fire brigade? Sadaf Kanwal is on fire with that nath!

7. Juggan Kazim

There she goes stealing our heart with a statement nath!

8. Urwa Hocane

We’re totally crushing over Urwa and the nath she wore on her wedding.

9. Hareem Farooq

If naths could kill, we’d blame Hareem’s because she looks stunning wearing one!

10. Armeena Khan

Can we all please take a minute to catch up on our breath because of how stunning Armeena looks wearing a nath?

11. Syra Shehroz

Did you think we’d forget our favourite girl Syra? Nope!

If these pictures don’t convince you to wear a nath, then we don’t know what will! Just run and grab a nath for yourself!

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